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New! Octave 4XE UV-VIS Detector
Sensitive monitoring of up to four wavelengths, from 190 to 840nm.
New Application: Continuous Solid Phase Extraction
Continuous SPE of natural pigments with the Semba Octave System.
See the New Semba Video
Automated Continuous Affinity Purification of Proteins with the Octave™ System
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Chromatography System

Prep LC Re-imagined...
The Octave System

Semba’s innovative Octave System is a fully automated, benchtop deployable, continuous flow chromatography system for research and preparative scale molecular purification.

  • Faster, more efficient preparative chromatography platform
  • Higher recovery and purity
  • Up to 20-fold greater productivity compared to batch systems
  • Up to 90% cost reduction in resin and solvents/buffers
  • Adaptable to a wide range of scales: from grams to kilograms of purified product

Columns & Reagents
Chiral Separation Columns Columns for Small Molecule Separation

Columns for Bioseparation

Lysozyme Protein Extraction Reagents
View the SMB Tutorial Introduction to SMB Chromatography

View the SMB Tutorial View the SMBC Tutorial

Chiral Separation

Protein Purification
View the Timelapse Dye Separation Video See the Video:
Automated Continuous Affinity Purification of Proteins with the Octave System